Industry: Software | Channels: Google, Yahoo|Bing search ads | Markets: 70% US, UK, CA, AU, 30% other | Result: a 10x boost in revenue with stable result

To take advantage of Improved Demographic Targeting, simply set up targeting rules under “Advanced targeting options” to determine when, to whom, and on what devices you want to show your ad.

How I used AdWords’ GDN on Mobile to increase sales while decreasing Cost Per Conversion by 34%

Bing will stop serving on nearly all their properties the ads are currently displayed on.

Creative agency Think Jam have already leveraged them to promote the release of Warner Brother’s Hobbit film – see what did they use for that.

If you’re using v201502, be aware it’s now marked deprecated and will be sunset on November 5th, 2015.

Whether you’re a marketer, analyst, or developer, this course will teach you how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process

Leverage 200+ Google Analytics dimensions and metrics to create and activate your Audiences for Remarketing on Google Search.

Top 335 title/description combinations by industry + the highest CTR heatmaps, splitted by PC/Tablet/Mobile. Pick your industry to…

Find out, what ad units you can use with this new feature of AdWords and the review of EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Omnicom agency and how to get started.